Thursday, May 02, 2019

Welcome me to the 21st Century--finally :)

Our son has been bugging me for ages to create Facebook and Twitter accounts, even though I'm not fond of Twitter and don't want to have my life taken over by Facebook--he says that, with any luck, those accounts will direct more readers to this blog.

But what finally convinced me was finding out that Rabbi Shai Held posts on Facebook and that I couldn't read his posts unless I had a Facebook account.

My husband and I have been attending classes and lectures at Hadar since the summer of 2009, and have always found Rabbi Held to be an excellent (and humorous) teacher.  We also read every one of his Divrei Torah that are posted on the Hadar website when they first appeared in our e-mail inboxes.  I simply couldn't resist the opportunity to read (and watch videos of) his words between in-person classes and  lectures, and while awaiting his next publication.

So, better late than never, I'm copying Rabbi Held's March 15 Facebook post (because reading and publishing posts is what a nut case like me does for fun after eye surgery):

"Sometimes I think an awful lot comes down to one very simple thing: how universal is your notion of shared humanity?

As I've written elsewhere, "Where this is concerned, the history of human civilization is filled with one horrific failure after another. White people still struggle to see that people of color are no less human, and no less precious than they; people who are wealthy often forget that people who are poor are no less human, and no less precious, than they; people who are able-bodied all too often fail to see that people with disabilities are no less human, and no less precious, than they; and people who are straight are just beginning to see that people of varying sexual orientations and identities are no less human, and no less precious, than they."

When we die, among the questions the heavenly court will ask us is: Did you dehumanize others? Did you stand by silently while others dehumanized? Did the shared humanity of all those born of human parents motivate, challenge, and inspire you?"



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